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State of the Season

Good Afternoon Highlanders,

I’m sure you are all aware by now that the remainder of the 2020 spring sports season has been cancelled. I wanted to be sure of as many details as possible about the current situation before I reached out to the program with information. Here is where we stand.

It goes without saying that the coaching staff is devastated on your behalf that you do not have the opportunity to compete with your teammates while representing your school and community. For some, you will be able to compete again in the future as a Howell Highlander. For the seniors, this was the last season to compete as a high school athlete. We understand your frustration and you are allowed to be disappointed and upset. At the same time, please understand that making such a decision that terminates the remainder of multiple sports seasons, as well as the academic school year, is an enormous responsibility. As coaches, we are confident that all factors were taken into account before the final call was made. It is important to understand that the situation we are all in is at a global level.


If you have not already received information on what the remainder of the school year will look like, you will soon from administration. Please stay on top of your coursework! Keep a consistent daily schedule as if you were leaving for school every day. If possible, set up a work station minimizing distractions that you can work at each day. If you set a schedule and stick to it, you will be more likely to maintain that daily routine. Mr. Young will be meeting with coaches soon to determine the best method of assisting student-athletes with their coursework. During a regular season, we normally would be doing grade/GPA checks. We will get back with you regarding what that will look like when we receive more information.


Although the sports season will not continue, we hope that your training will. When we are ready to return to a normal schedule, it is important that you have maintained your fitness levels. By staying active and following a workout program during this time off, you will greatly increase the ability to return to a regular in-season training program and significantly reduce the chance of injury. I recently sent out a workout protocol for all sprinters, jumpers, vaulters, and hurdlers (throwers should be following along as well with the notes I sent them and distance runners should be following the workout provided by Coach Woll). Coaches will also be getting resources together and making them available for specific field events such as hurdling, vaulting, and jumping. As you go through training, have family members film and time you. Send those videos to us, via email (, so we can upload them to Hudl and give you feedback. I strongly encourage you all to do this. (filming note: you must film horizontally so it uploads correctly).

Strength and Conditioning:

Everyone has different resources available to them at home. Because of this, lifting weights may prove to be challenging and really test your creativity at home. Bodyweight movements: push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, chin-ups, lunges, squats, etc. Plyometrics. Refer to sprint training protocol. Essentially jumping on, over, off and on things (make sure surfaces being jumped off and on are stable and secure). Outdoor ideas: yard work cleaning up and moving things on your property, look for logs, bricks, buckets of water, sandbags, etc. (heavy things…). Of course, if you have any specific questions about training, please reach out and ask! If you come up with something creative, film it and send it to me so I can tweet it out. Send a video even if it isn't creative! (@highlandnation).

That’s it for now. Hang in there! Make sure that you are being safe and practicing safe behaviors during this time i.e. social distancing. Please let me know if you or your parents have any questions about anything.

Track and Field Coaches

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