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We Need You!


To ensure that our meets run smoothly and efficiently, we need your help and the help of all family members. We are calling all cars! Think of it this way, the best seat in the stadium is the one right at the finish line, the rings, and the pits. What better way to see the competition than front row.

We only have two home meets this year, Tuesday, 4/14 and Tuesday 5/5. That is 42 spots to fill (21 each meet). We can do it! If we have volunteers fill those spots, it will free up the coaches to coach up the athletes.

Please help out the program and take a spot or two. Sign up on Signup Genius at the following links. Sign up first to get the spot you want and sign up quick because they are going to go quick!

Howell vs. Plymouth Wildcats

Howell vs. Northville Mustangs

Thank you for volunteering and we'll see you there!

Coach Gadjev

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